You Picked Time!

Time is a precious commodity. We only have so many hours in a day, and usually, the majority are devoted to our family. Here are some tips to help.

Invest in courses that can level up your skills and speed up your progress.

The reason I buy so many courses and digital products (besides FOMO 🤣) is to get the knowledge I need to implement things faster and level up my income. Many of these often pay for themselves in the income they help me make.

Time is money, so if you can speed up learning how to grow an email list, start your digital shop, or something else, its worth investing the money and time upfront to save it later down the road.

Invest in tools and tech that help you do things faster.

You’re probably already doing this, but I encourage you to revisit the tools and tech you use regularly to see if they are still serving you well or actually hindering your progress. Our businesses change over time, and an app that worked last year may not work for you now.

Always make sure you’re using a tool to the fullest. I have been tempted to switch to a different project management tool only to find out that the one I was using had what I needed and didn’t know it.

Seconds add up over time.

I’m famous for not implementing simple time-savers because I didn’t think it was worth it since it wasn’t saving me much time. Boy, was I wrong.

Consider implementing ten simple strategies that save you three seconds each time you use them. If you do that same action 30 times a day, like moving a card or removing a label in Trello, that’s 90 seconds a day, 10.5 minutes a week, and 42 minutes a month for just one strategy.

These little things add up. Examples are:

  • Adding a button to a Trello card to send cards to another board instead of manually recreating them
  • Setting up an automation in Trello to add or remove labels based on conditions
  • Using a tool like TextExpander to create keyboard shortcuts

Brainstorm some ways you can automate different tasks or save time with simple solutions.

I hope you loved these quick tips on saving time to get more done each week!

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