You Picked Money!

When it comes to saving money on digital products and courses as an online business owner, it can seem like there’s always something new that “we need” to succeed. And while many of these resources can help you do that, most of us don’t have an endless supply of money (or a money tree in the backyard).

Don’t chase all the shiny objects.

I am famous for this, as FOMO hits me hard! But by chasing so many different new tools and courses, you’re not giving yourself enough to focus on implementing things strategically.

Pick the tools that can help you where you are right now. Are you working on your email list, writing content, business finances, etc? Whatever it is, this is the area you should focus on. This can save you a lot of money! Some things will naturally overlap, like content creation and social media, so you can often kill two birds with one stone.

Get the most bang for your buck with bundles.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider investing in a bundle that covers multiple subject areas, like the BC Stack, Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, or one of the many other bundles floating around. But don’t just buy one because your business friend is.

Bundles allow you to get resources for the things you’re focusing on now and the next area you want to work on (not something three years down the road).

Some of the best bundles are the niched ones you see like The Cheerful Content Marketing Bundle or The Savvy Systems Bundle. These are great for those specific areas of business you’re focusing on.

Save for larger purchases or get credits when they’re on sale.

Save for those bigger courses you know will make a difference in your business. One way to save money on resources if there are creators you frequently buy from is to purchase credits if they offer sales.

For example, Lizzy Goddard usually sells credits at a reduced rate once a year, and I purchase them because they allow me to save money!

Is there a free tool you could be using to save money?

Say you find yourself in an income crunch. We’ve all been there, right? Look at free or inexpensive alternatives to the tools you’re using or dream tools you want to use. If you want Thrivecart but can’t afford it right now, check out a new course platform being sold on AppSumo for a one-time fee or a solution like SendOwl.

If you’re using a paid Trello plan, downgrade to a free one and create more workspaces. You can have an unlimited amount of workspaces but only ten boards each,

I hope you liked these quick tips on saving money in your online business.

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